Choosing The Right TV Size For Your Home

With the variety of TV sizes available in the market nowadays, we often have a hard time choosing which one would fit perfectly in our living room, bedroom or entertainment room. Most of the time, especially if we have enough money at our disposal, we tend to always go for a big screen TV to … Read more

What Do You Need to Maximize your Netflix Experience?

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All About Quantum Dot Display Technology

What is Quantum Dot Display Technology? A quantum dot display is a display device that uses quantum dots (QD), the nanocrystals which can produce pure and vibrant colors. These photo-emissive quantum dot particles are used in a QD layer which converts the backlight to emit pure basic colors that improve display brightness and color gamut. … Read more

How to Access Files & Media on your TV from External Sources

One of the things we consider in buying a TV is its connectivity which allows us to access files and media from different external sources such as external drives, laptops, personal computers, USBs, etc. In this article, you’ll learn more about the most basic TV connectivities that are useful in maximizing the things that you … Read more

See the World With Devant: A World Television Day Celebration

Devant takes the lead in celebrating World TV Day in the Philippines with an informative event centered on this modern living essential. Devant kicked off this year’s major World TV Day celebration in the Philippines with an exclusive webinar on November 19, 2020. At the online session, guests learned about the past, present, and future … Read more

LIKE to GIVE BACK with Devant to Celebrate World TV Day

World TV Day is happening on November 21, and this year, Devant is taking the lead in its observance in the Philippines. This worldwide celebration of the TV as an ambassador of entertainment, and a symbol of communication and globalization, was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1996, and has been observed annually … Read more

Here’s an Exciting World TV Day Exclusive from Devant

A World TV Day Celebration would be incomplete without an awesome offer on an amazing TV. As it takes the lead in celebrating this global observance in the Philippines, Devant has something huge planned especially for the occasion. From November 20-22, 2020, you get a free SBX-60 2.1Ch Soundbar Speaker System with Built-in Subwoofer for … Read more