TVBabad: Binge-Watching is Better on a Bigger Screen

Back in the day, before everyone had their own mobile phones, a favorite activity for young Filipinos to indulge in was telebabad. This meant spending hours on end talking to a friend or loved one over the telephone. Fast forward to today, where landline phones are no longer a must-have in every home, telebabad has literally become a thing of the past. In its place is an all-new trend, TVBabad.

Welcome to the TVBabad Era

TVBabad is the FIlipino way of binge-watching. Whether alone or with a group, binge-watching has become an extremely popular way to spend one’s free time. This started around 2013, with the rise of streaming platforms that offer thousands of movies and TV episodes, which people can watch, one after the other, non-stop.

Apart from being a fun and entertaining way to pass the time, TVBabad is also a social experience. Watching programs together has become a go-to activity for families at home. Also, when you follow a TV series along with a global group of viewers, you gain a sense of belonging and community. Some even become active members of entire fandoms dedicated to their favorite shows. Plus, because people are more inclined to watch a series that is recommended by others, your TVBabad activities can drive conversations as well.

For TVBabad, Bigger is the Best!

Nothing beats the experience of watching your favorite shows and films on a large screen, and this is precisely the case when it comes to TVBabad. When you watch on a TV versus a smaller screen like a phone or a tablet, you are able to see every important detail in each scene, and enjoy vivid imagery that makes for a more memorable experience. This isn’t just true for films and TV shows, but also when watching sporting events, concerts, and even when playing games. A big screen is also better when you want to share the TVBabad experience with others, creating a more comfortable viewing setup compared to crowding around a small screen. And, since binge-watching entails hours of viewing, a TV is a better option that is gentler on the eyes.