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See the World with Devant as we celebrate World TV Day! Own a Devant big screen TV on World TV Day with these exclusive promos from Devant.

Devant Has Something Big And Exciting In Store For World TV Day

World Television Day is coming this November, and Devant has prepared something huge to celebrate this global observance. If you’ve never heard of it before, World TV Day has taken place on the 21st of November each year since 1996. Seeing the impact that it has on a person’s decision making process, the United Nations … Read more

Family Fitness at Home Made Extra Fun with Devant

For busy parents, finding time to exercise can be hard. These days, getting a workout done while quarantined at home with the kids may be next to impossible. There is a way around it though – turn working out into a family bonding activity. Getting kids involved in your fitness routine can benefit them in … Read more

3 Ways to Build a Healthy Morning Routine with Your Devant TV

A routine is a great way to stay organized, and ensure that you accomplish all the important things that need to be done each day. This is especially true at home. A good home routine is beneficial for children, helping them develop discipline and responsibility. Stress among little ones is also minimized when days are … Read more


The past few months, we saw a lot of changes in the way we do things due to the pandemic. Staying home, social distancing, avoiding gatherings and crowded places, minimal contact – these are some of the “new normal” that everyone is encouraged to exercise during this time to stay safe. Part of the changes … Read more


Find the Best TV for Family Bonding at the Devant Flagship STORE on Lazada and Shopee

Being quarantined at home opens up endless opportunities for meaningful bonding. From conversations at the dinner table to hours spent together in front of the TV, any activity that brings the family closer is a great way to spend your time. During this time when everyone is encouraged to stay home, Devant gives you even … Read more


Devant partners with Trolls World Tour and launches “Big Screen Symphony” Promo

In recent years, Devant is known to partner with the biggest international movies and to offer great deals in line with these partnerships. For 2020, the homegrown TV brand teamed-up with Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc., the Philippine distributor of the international movie Trolls World Tour, for the joint promotions of the film in the country. Trolls World … Read more