3 Ways to Build a Healthy Morning Routine with Your Devant TV

A routine is a great way to stay organized, and ensure that you accomplish all the important things that need to be done each day. This is especially true at home. A good home routine is beneficial for children, helping them develop discipline and responsibility. Stress among little ones is also minimized when days are organized and predictable. For parents, a routine can provide a sense of control, and can be a real sanity saver when life gets too hectic.

During this pandemic, with the majority of employees working from home, and kids taking classes online, a routine can help maintain order, and give a semblance of normalcy. A morning routine is particularly important, as this helps set the tone for a pleasant and productive day.

There are many tools that you can use to build a good routine. One of these is your TV.  Celebrity parent Regine Tolentino shares how she uses her 55-inch Devant Smart Quantum 4K TV as part of a morning routine with her family in this “A Day in the Life” video. This home essential is not just great for family bonding. It can also help maintain a meaningful schedule that you and your loved ones can follow at home.

Taking notes from Regine’s routine, here are 3 ways you can use your TV to start the day right, through a healthy morning routine

1. Start with a healthy breakfast. Eating a nutritious breakfast every morning is a good habit to develop. Learning how to prepare balanced meals for your family is easy through cooking shows and vlogs that you can watch on your TV. It’s like attending a cooking class without leaving your house.

2. Boost your energy with a good workout. Exercising in the morning is said to boost focus, improve your mood, and keep you energized all day. With an endless selection of workout videos and classes online, all you need is your TV to get an early workout done, as part of your regular schedule.

3. Spend some quality time with your kids. Most mornings are filled with a flurry of activity, but sometimes slowing down can be helpful, too. Make time for a quick bonding activity with your little ones as part of your daily morning routine. You could help with their lessons or simply sit with them for a few minutes while watching their favorite educational programs.

Devant provides Filipinos with quality home entertainment systems that can help make a healthy morning routine a reality for all. One must-buy is the 55-inch Devant QUHV03 Smart Quantum 4K TV which comes with a free SBX-60 2.1Ch Soundbar with built-in Subwoofer. In fact, you get a free SBX-60 2.1Ch Soundbar Speaker System with Built-in Subwoofer or SB-50 2.0Ch Soundbar Speaker System for every purchase of  49 to 65-inch Devant Big Screen TV with Devant TV Bondeals this September 2020.

The 55-inch Devant QUHV03 Smart Quantum 4K TV is also available in 50” and 65” sizes. Perfect for any home, this premium powerhouse TV is packed with some awesome features.

  • Quantum Ultra HD 3840×2160 resolution, the equivalent of 8.3 megapixels
  • Vidaa U Operating System, capable of streaming movies, downloading apps, or simply watching live TV
  • HTML5-based VEWD App Store, where you can discover games, videos, music, and web apps, all optimized for TV
  • HDR Compatible, with an expanded contrast ratio and color palette for a more realistic image
  • Ultra Smooth Motion technology that makes fast moving scenes more crisp and clear using motion interpolation
  • Ultra Dimming which makes black images on screen appear deeper and darker

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