5 Ways You Can Have Fun with Your Devant Smart TV and Anyview Cast this Rainy Season

It’s officially the rainy season in the Philippines. For many Filipinos, this means canceled getaways or barkada trips. Don’t worry, there are still ways to have fun with your barkada and family indoors. Here are some ideas to make your staycation worthwhile.

View Tasty, Tastemade, or Cookat using the Anyview Cast and cook something delicious

Put on your aprons because these days, you don’t need to be a chef to cook up something delicious in the kitchen. All you need is the internet! With so many social media pages dedicated to step-by-step cooking videos such as Tasty, Tastemade, and Cookat, anyone can now be a pro in the kitchen.

And just to make sure you get the ingredients and the procedures right, it’s best to watch it on your television. With Devant, you can easily navigate through these pages, pause the video, or replay it with Anyview Cast. It’s basically a feature of Devant Smart and UHD TVs that allow you to mirror what is on the screens of your gadgets and smartphones wirelessly to your television sets. No more squinting at those tiny screens of your phones. With Anyview Cast, you’re in for a better viewing experience!

Use your phone as controller and play games with Devant Smart TV

During these rainy months, bond over scrabble, Cards Against Humanity, or even a simple game of Snakes and Ladders. Everyone’s competitive side definitely comes out if these  types of games are played.

In the absence of these games, you can also use your Devant Smart or UHD TV to have a karaoke sing off or play computer games. Take it a step further and choose the ones that can really challenge you like the dance battle game Just Dance. Did you know that with Anyview Cast, you can even use your smartphone as a video game controller? Play the game on your phone and project it on the TV. Cool, huh?

Chat with your friends or relatives with Anyview Cast webcam feature

Do you have old family videos? Did you take photos or videos during your last out-of-town trip? It’s  time to relive those moments using your Devant Smart or UHD TV. Again, using the Anyview Cast, you can view files, videos, images and even live-stream on your TV. Simply cast the items on your television.

You can even share these memories with family and friends by accessing and viewing your social media apps in your Devant Smart or UHD TV.

If your other family members or friends are also stuck in their own homes this rainy season, Anyview Cast also allows you to mirror your chat from your mobile device, which works best with messaging apps like Skype. You can now video chat on the big screen and communicate with your loved ones.

Browse YouTube tutorials with Anyview Cast on your Devant Smart TV

Did you know that there are so many YouTube channels that promote DIY or do-it-yourself crafts? There’s a channel for knitting, woodwork, origami, and even bonsai making! If you’ve always wanted to learn a new craft, then this rainy season is your chance.

No need to spend money on those workshops or classes because you only need an internet connection and your Devant Smart or UHD TV! Of course, you can use your Anyview Cast to project the videos on the big screen so you can really learn and appreciate the details of the video and properly learn new techniques.

Binge on your favorite television or movie series with Anyview Cast

You can’t call it a staycation if you don’t marathon at least one series or movie franchise. With streaming websites, you don’t even have to buy DVDs anymore. You simply need your Devant Smart or UHD TV and your mobile phone. Yes, you can use your mobile phone to easily navigate through your streaming sites with the use of the Anyview Cast. It’s so simple to use, just like browsing through your laptop or desktop.

Especially if you have a lot of friends over or have a big family, using the Anyview Cast feature on your Devant Smart TV is ideal because more people can join to watch. As opposed to two to three people just streaming the shows on a laptop screen, watching it on your TV is so much better. The bigger the screen, the bigger the crowd, the bigger the fun.

Are you ready to use the Anyview Cast on your Devant Smart and UHD TV? Just follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the Wireless connection of your Devant TV.
  2. Open the Anyview Cast on you Devant TV
  3. Turn on the screen mirroring of your mobile device.
  4. Tap the TV device name and wait for it to be connected.

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