Devant ups the ante in high quality TV entertainment with “Battle for Supremacy” promo

As part of its commitment to deliver premium-quality entertainment to households in the Philippines, Devant announced its latest promo entitled “Battle for Supremacy.”

For every purchase of Devant’s big-screen TVs like the 65-inch UHD200 Ultra HD TV, the 55 and 50-inch UHV200 Ultra HD TVs, and the 58 and 50-inch DTV700 Smart TVs, customers can enjoy top-notch home entertainment by pairing these TV units with the following home entertainment accessories, all offered at special add-on prices.

Enjoy clear and distinct audio—from the deepest bass to the most shrilling trebles—of your favorite movies, concerts or sporting spectacles via the DV-5270 Devant5.1 Channel multimedia speaker (270W), DV-280 Devant 2.1 Channel multimedia speaker (80W), and DV-5160 Devant 5.1 Channel multimedia speaker (160W).

Be amazed as well with the AD-448 Android Dongle, or delight yourself, your family or your friends during extended weekend movie or TV series marathons by listening to every word, note or sound effect through Devant’s fantastically sounding SB-110 Devant 2.2 Channel Soundbar System (110W) and SBS-200 Devant2.1 Channel Soundbar System (200W). That’s total TV entertainment at its finest form.

And even more good news is that these incredible TVs from Devant has built-in Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting–Terrestrial (ISDB-T) receivers, the Japanese standard for digital TV broadcast, which the Philippine government, through the National Telecommunications Commission, chose as the broadcast platform as the country makes the big switch to digital broadcasting and communications.

Thus, this makes Devant the first TV brand in the country to offer TV units with built-in ISDB-T receivers that can readily receive 1080p resolution digital broadcast signals even without a set-top box, cable or satellite connection.

Other benefits of the having ISDB-T receivers include the Channel Variation Track feature, where each TV channel’s frequency band can be divided into 13 segments resulting to new multiple channels, and this standard, together with Devant’s LED technology, guarantees superb audio system for clearer, cleaner sound levels. The Reception Clarity Plus feature, on the other hand, assures strong resistance against poor reception conditions, the Electronic Program Guide provides consumers with regularly updated broadcast schedules of broadcast stations running on ISDB-T, and Devant TVs also allow ISDB-T recording to record high-resolution digital feed through an external drive.

Devant is also happy to announce its partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures, another bold statement by Devant to show that it is committed to make powerhouse partnerships in order to bring consumers only the best and excellent viewing experience.

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is the upcoming Super Hero movie of the year that features DC Comics heroes Batman and Superman in an epic collision for supremacy and power. They are joined by another DC Comics character, Wonder Woman, who will be introduced for the first time in the movie.

So go to your nearest appliance store and get hold of Devant’s sensational ISDB-T big-screen TVs, exciting accessories and watch “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” this year’s grandest Super Hero spectacle.

The “Battle for Supremacy” promo of Devant runs until May 15, 2016. “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” opens in theaters March 26, 2016, from Warner Bros. Pictures.