DEVANT Ultra HD TV: Be Talked About in a BIG Way

Big is best when making a statement! Nowadays, Filipino living rooms are never without a centerpiece TV to complete the set. Bigger TV models are coming out of the market and Devant is taking a stand by making Big Screen TVs affordable to the Filipino consumers. Who says that large-screen TVs must come with a hefty price tag?

With DEVANT Ultra HD TV, you can turn your dreams of owning a top-of-the-line large-screen TV into a reality. This is the TV that gives an excellent quality at a great value that suits Filipinos’ entertainment needs.

Ultra High Definition

DEVANT Ultra HD TV is an absolute head-turner – a big screen that easily fills up the whole room, and grabs your attention. At 8.3 megapixels, it gives the best viewing experience at 4 times the resolution of a full HD TV.

Ultra Colorful, Ultra Clear

Colors define the beauty and depth we see on TV, and DEVANT Ultra HD TV achieves it and takes it a step further with the Full Color Optimizer feature.

Complementing an extensive color palette is its Cross Color Suppressor technology: by controlling and separating digital signals during image display, picture quality is improved, free from spots and overlapping colors.

Ultra Epic Sound

A truly satisfying viewing experience is never complete without a sound that’s equally awesome. DEVANT Ultra HD TV delivers superbly rich sound with its built-in subwoofer.

Entertainment just got Ultra-sized

Larger-than-life visuals at ultra high resolution, ultra colorful images, topped off with ultra epic sound, DEVANT Ultra HD TV is the big statement in living room entertainment. With DEVANT, owning large screen TVs for consumers is now a reality.

DEVANT Ultra HD TV, DEVANT Smart 3D Internet TVs, and DEVANT LEDTech TVs are available at leading appliance stores nationwide.