About Us

Finden Technologies, Inc. is a corporation with a vision of becoming the No.1 distribution company of world-class consumer electronics and household appliance brands in the Philippines.  The company was incorporated last May 2013.  Influenced by the incessant booming and advancement of technology, the company offers a wide-array of high quality and advanced technology products that are competitive even in the global arena.  Its initial venture and collaboration is with a multi-billion dollar global conglomerate, Hisense International Co., Ltd., which carries the brand HISENSE.

Finden aims to provide Filipinos with top of the line quality home entertainment system and household appliances at prices that are worth every penny.  Through the experience of its team, the company is confident that it will be able to exceed the expectations of Filipino consumers by ensuring to carry products that are in accordance with the three key standards in the field of consumer electronics and household appliances namely:

World-class Quality

Contemporary Lifestyle Designs with up-to-date Technology

Competitive Pricing

It is committed to adhere to its advocacies by developing and forming strong bonds with its multi-national business partners, clientele and most importantly the solidarity of its colleagues.  With its global mindset and forward-thinking, the company is sure to reach greater heights and set a mark in being the industry leader in the Philippines.